First Jump Course

A strong and comprehensive training is the foundation for success in the sport of B.A.S.E jumping. While the sport can be exciting and breath taking, one has to always keep in mind that it is never without risk. To experienced skydivers who display the right attitude and mindset towards B.A.S.E jumping I am happy to instruct and guide them on their first steps into this sport.

As a B.A.S.E jumper one should at all times be aware of personal skills and more importantly limitations. It is important to know those limitations and be able to seriously question every move, challenge and jump one is facing. Unlike skydiving B.A.S.E jumping rarely allows mistakes without serious consequences. The entire jump from start to finish needs to well coordinated and each step planned in detail. This requires a maximum of awareness and concentration. The more experience one has gathered in skydiving the better.

The goal of the first jump course is to equip a student with the necessary knowledge in theory and practice to safely plan and execute a B.A.S.E jump. The course requires about 4 days time.

Focus of the First Jump Course (FJC)

  • Differences between skydiving and B.A.S.E jumping
  • Parachute Rigging
  • Examination, modification and packing of B.A.S.E canopies
  • Exit, Freefall, Canopy
  • Reaction to special circumstances
  • Analyzation of objects

Entry Requirements for the First Jump Course (FJC)

  • At least 200 skydives on RAM parachutes
  • Valid skydiver’s license
  • At least 18 years old
  • Third party liability insurance for aviators
  • Experienced in accuracy jumps
  • Appropriate physical health
  • Person of reference after course completion


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