Leonardo da Vindi would have been amazed how his vision of a parachute has evolved since the year 1483

In its early stages skydiving was a very dangerous activity and for the most part exclusive to the military. Skydiving today, though, has turned into a sport full of excitement and adventure with lots of small and mid-sized businesses throughout the world having built an existence on it. Thanks to the introduction of steerable RAM parachutes, fail-safe reserve canopy systems, automated reserve activation devices to the sport (see Galileo project) skydiving today has also become much safer. Instructors and staff are very well trained and focus on making skydiving as safe as possible. Even in the eyes of insurance companies it is no longer seen as an extreme sport.

Along with the introduction of tandem jumps and training courses for skydivers (AFF) plenty of new variations of skydiving have been created. Disciplines like Relative Work (RW), Freefly, Atmonauti/Tracking, as well as wingsuit flying, canopy relative work (CRW), accuracy jumps and swooping have strong followings who compete regularly in national and international championships. Skydiving is quickly becoming more and more popular. Roughly 350.000 yearly skydives in Germany alone are a strong indicator for this. Despite the advances in skydive equipment, though, strong physical and mental fitness are still an important entry requirements for the sport.


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