KL Tower ´14

Same procedure as every year…

Although every year I tell myself that this is the last time, I again headed to Malaysia’s megacity Kuala Lumpur this September. For the fifth time!

The trip via Dubai was hassle-free, however, after 35 hours of travel, you just feel great when you finally enjoy a cocktail on the Pacific Regency Hotel’s rooftop bar with a nice view on the KL Tower.
Gary Cunningham and the rest of the team did a great job in setting up the event – which generated quite some buzz after a press conference and broadcasts of several TV stations. Around 100 selected jumpers from 16 countries showed some pretty impressive and breathtaking jumps on four days and three nights from the 421 meter high KL Tower. Highlights this year: Rope Swing B.A.S.E with Andy Lewis, jumps from the tower’s cleaning crane arm – and Miles Daisher’s inexhaustible energy, which made me believe that Red Bull really gives wings….


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