F60 Mine `14

20 different exit points – one object

Just in time for the annual general meeting of the German B.A.S.E Association I had the chance to jump off a rare and unusual object in Germany: The old conveyor bridge F60 in Lichterfeld, which was used from March 1991 to June 1992 for open pit mining, was the perfect location.

The F60 is a gigantic steel colossus, which is also often called the “lying Eiffel tower of Lusatia:” 11,000 tons of steel, overall length of 520 meters, 204 meters wide and the highest point is at around 80 meters. The various exit points are almost uncountable. Choose anything between 32 to 74 meters. Well, what else can I say than: Perfect conditions for much fun and great jumps! No matter if from the platform, the lookout house, the pillars and extension arms or through the construction itself – all jumps guaranteed fun for the 15 jumpers. In particular the jump styles “be in a blue funk”, “Saxon dangle” or “police informer” provided pure adrenaline. We had 182 accident-free jumps within three days – I think there needs to be a 2015 F60 jump event!

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