The Trip '09

Cave Diving, B.A.S.E Jumping and a
Rope Swing

What better way to spend a boring winter than to drive 5800km all the way across France and Spain with a car filled with toys? Our route was filled with adventures along along the way. Highlights included cave dives in the Ressel, Tannerie, Moreig and Gueva del aqua caves, as well as opening two new B.A.S.E. exit points in Spain.

Exit Point 1 - "Wild Börni": caused Patty to enjoy a water landing and me to fly straight into a bush. Exit Point 2 - "Wilder Fritz": Nobody really wanted to jump this one since the landing area was quite far off and the jump wasn't exactly high. However, since I was even more afraid of having to climb the route all the back down again I went for the first attempt. And it turned out that it was plenty high enough - even for Patty and Fritz as well. The final treat for us was a rope swing, which Fritz had kindly built for us on a bridge - a truly fun experience!


The Trip Part 1: Cave „Moreig“, „Wild Börni“, Rope Swing

The Trip Part 2: Cave „Gueva del aqua“, „Wilder Fritz“