KL Tower '12

Full effort for the Karisma congress

Our main focus for the KL Tower Event 2012 was to finish our image countdown - a marketing project we were working on for the "Karisma" congress. Karisma is a sales and distribution congress close to the city of Heilbronn. (details in the references) We felt like Kuala Lumpur was the perfect location to be the highlight of the project. So we worked hard to create some amazing footage that would leave a lasting impression.

Aside from me and my video flyer Math there were a total of 89 jumpers from 17 countries. The event featured 4 days and 2 nights of jumping and saw a combined total of 2200 jumps. To keep the fun and variation high the organizers came up with two special features: First, they had built a huge ramp to allow for running starts and in addition there was also a crane. (usually used for cleaning) Making it a total of 3 different exit points!

The safety level was very high and many participants felt that this was the best KL Tower event so far. Personally, I couldn't agree more. A huge thank goes out to all the organizers for the invitation and a perfectly run event.