KL Tower '10

Chaos in Kuala Lumpur

Due to a change in management of the Menara KL Tower the 2010 Event was not organized by Gary Cunningham, as usual. Instead it was organized by Menara KL itself with the objective to invite as many jumpers as possible and cause maximum international attention. Experience and jump counts of the participants were not considered to be important factors in the planning.

On the first day all 130 jumpers from all around the world were greeted in the „Mega View“. It is located on the highest platform of the tower and is usually used for conferences and alike. After some snacks it was time for the briefing, which turned out to be remarkable short: „No more than 6 seconds of free fall and no pilot chutes smaller than 38 inches.“ - That was it! Briefing over! After that the organizers wished us lots of fun and took their leave with chaos about to unfold… The entire personal was inexperienced and badly organized. Nobody wanted to be responsible and nobody was willing to keep the jumpers in line. The extremely high number of jumpers made the problems even worse, because there was not enough personal at hand to supervise everything that was going on. The resulting mess made for some spectacular scenes over the next few days: A wingsuit rodeo gone badly wrong, forgotten packing clips impacting next to spectators, cameras impacting on the roads, various tree landings and building collisions, jumpers falling through canopies as well as the occasional close call due to low pulls.

Still, since management didn’t showed any interest in these events, this pretty much set the bar for the following days. I have never in my entire life heard so many "Ooohhh’s" and "Aaaahhhh’s" at an exit point. The accident statistics for the 2010 Event sadly proves this point as well. Nevertheless, it was still a nice event with plenty to see and experience. With more than 60 jumps in just 4 days this trip around the world was definitely worth it.



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