Indoor Worldcup '13

Unique in the world and yet so close to home

After a 5-year break the Indoor B.A.S.E. World Cup was once again hosted in the Tropical Island Resort in the town of Krausnick, right next to Berlin. The tropical Island Resort is the tallest free-standing dome structure in the world and was originally built as a storage facility for zeppelins. However, the project went failed due to a lack in financing and instead it was replaced by a huge vacation and adventure resort. This breath taking environment includes the world’s largest indoor jungle, countless water features and perfect beaches.

60 B.A.S.E. jumpers from 18 different countries met up to jump from the “King’s Pivot”, at 100 meters the highest point in the building. The goal of the competition was to hit a 15cm wide disk, trying to get as close to the center as possible. Similar to playing darts, only with parachutes. After two successful rounds of practice jumps on day one we immediately went on to the competition jumps and ended the day with a night jump. On day two, three more rounds of jumps followed but this time under the eyes of almost 3000 spectators and a strong media presence. After a total of five rounds Tobi Scherrinsky and Klaus Renz ended up sharing the first place victory and the title of Indoor B.A.S.E. Champion 2013.

While the practice rounds had been going well, with me hitting the disk on all three of my jumps things did not go my way on the following attempts. So in the Olympic spirit of “taking part is everything” I decided to entertain the spectators a little bit with a water landing.

The organizers had planned a world record attempt fort he 3rd and final day. The goal was to set the record for the most consecutive indoor B.A.S.E. jumpers, each jumping right after another. On this day we were a total of 64 jumpers. All of which jumped one after another with only a 10 second delay between each other, creating a unique spectacle. After almost 14 minutes, featuring 2 parachutes in the air at all times the record had been officially broken.

A huge praise goes out to the organizers (Mahle and everybody else !!), to more than 40 people in the support crew, our sponsors and last but not least the management of the Tropical Island Resort who enabled us to host this incredible Event.

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