Tandem with Mom '09

My mom and I in free fall

Hello, my name is Anni, I am 55 years old and mother to my son Sepp Bunk. I don’t know if it was plain curiosity or some sort of answer I was looking for in order to understand why my son was so passionate about a „crazy“ sport like skydiving and even turn it into his job.

On a sunny day without a cloud in the sky but with plenty of skydivers and visitors around it was my big day. My tandem master Sepp wanted to „throw“ his mother out of the airplane on the last load of the day. With the evening sunset this was especially beautiful. I had already enjoyed the entire wonderful day at the dropzone being very relaxed and anticipating the big event in the evening.

Around 6pm I was getting thoroughly prepared fort he jump. At 7pm it was time to go. Eight other skydivers along with Sepp and I stepped into the airplane. I was relaxed and calm but at the same time very excited. No surprise with the Andy the pilot and all the good looking guys around me. Each one of them shook my hand and wished me plenty of fun on my first ever tandem jump. At 4000m altitude it was time to get ready. Exit please! The other jumpers went first, then our video flyer Patty got out of the plane and finally it was us – mother and son. 1-2-3 and right into the air.

What followed were some unusual, but very exciting moments in freefall. Smiles and thumbs up to the video flyer, a little bump and then the parachute opened. Immediately we were surrounded by beautiful silence and beneath us the beautiful Odenwald right below our feet – we were free like eagles. I asked to Sepp to just hold on for a moment trying to take in these unbelievably beautiful minutes that were going by way to fast… but then I already received instructions for the landing.

We were back on the ground and I embraced my son. He had turned this day into one of the best in my entire life and I will always have the video to remind me of it. At the fireplace with good music and tasty food from the grill we all let this unforgettable day come to an end. A big thank you to Nina, Andy, Patty and Sepp. It’s truly beautiful over there. And I am not the only one who feels right at home at the Southsidebase.

Anni Bunk

„ Sorry for the bad landing, Mum !!!“



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