What is B.A.S.E ?

B.A.S.E - Buildings, Antennas, Spans, Earth

B.A.S.E jumping is the act of jumping from fixed objects using a specially designed parachute. Compared to skydiving most B.A.S.E jumps start from a dramatically lower hight. Therefore, the use of a reserve parachute is obsolete since there would be neither enough time nor hight to activate it.

In its beginning B.A.S.E jumping started as an underground movement in the skydive community and in most cases could only be done illegally. Today, though, public interest keeps growing fast in this spectacular and fascinating sport. Especially countries outside of Germany are starting to host a growing number of competitions and contests which are organized by tourism boards or international sponsors and are used primarily for marketing purposes. The advertising industry has also gotten interested in this sport, resulting in an increasing amount of breath taking B.A.S.E jumping footage that can be seen in commercials and documentaries.

B.A.S.E jumping in Germany is not illegal, however, every jump needs approval and authorization from the authorities. If all requirements are met and all permits are issued, B.A.S.E jumping can also be legally done over here.

B.A.S.E jumping is not an unpredictable risk despite the fact that it is often viewed as reckless and careless. However, by using the right equipment and proper jump preparation a jumper is capable of assessing the risk and difficulty of every jump. If a jumper knows and respects his or her limits, the risk does not necessarily have to be higher than riding a bike. However, because B.A.S.E jumping is an extreme sport and because of the factor of human error there will always be a certain risk attached to this sport.

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