AFF Courses

(Accelerated Free Fall)

The fastest, most effective and internationally most recognized teaching method in skydiving.

As an AFF student you have the benefit of enjoying the full 4000 meter free fall experience right from the very start. Of course, as a student you are at no point left on your own. During free fall as well as under canopy you will receive instructions from your teachers. The course itself is divided into two parts. The first part consists of multiple lectures in skydive theory while the second part is made up of 7 level jumps. Each level builds on the skills and knowledge learned in the previous levels and feature turns, forward movement, loops, barrel rolls and alike. If a student accomplishes the requirements of a level he may progress to the next level.

After completing the AFF program you will reach „student status“. This means you are now permitted to jump on your own while still being under observation and guidance of instructors. In order to receive the internationally recognized German skydiving license a student has to successfully complete a total of 25 jumps and passed both a theory and a practical test.

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